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  • Ski Binding and Touring Binding Update 2013-2014   46 weeks 6 days ago

    Hi Tim,

    Dynafit bindings don't work in the same way as a downhill binding or something like a Marker Baron or a Diamir Fritschi. Other bindings have more angles of release and more elasticity to adsorb movement, vibration and shock. All bindings require careful tuning and just cranking up the pre-release or DIN does not mean it will make it better, you must consult the bindings standard height/weight charts first or seek professional advise.

    We have yet to test the Beast binding ourselves but there is some material around on the internet on various review websites and blogs about them. One states "The Beast 16 offers dramatically more control and better snow feel over a ski than a traditional tech binding, but at a small weight penalty. Compared to alpine race-heritage bindings, the Beast is not quite equivalent on hardpack, but it is indistinguishable in soft, consistent snow" Source:

    Take a read of this information:

    Mountain Tracks

  • Ski Binding and Touring Binding Update 2013-2014   46 weeks 6 days ago

    Have you seen the new Dynafit Binding "Beast 16" limited number being made this year as I understand it, still under 1kg but serious beefed up for the heavy duty skier, looking at the binding it looks like dynafits reponse to heavy duty all terrain bindings.

    Has anyone else experienced release problems with the Dynafit bindings?

    I weight 85kg and am a reasonable off piste skier. I have dynafit Radicals on my Gotoma skis, with the din set at 8. Skiing in some rather damp new snow in Jan 2013 (Les Houches) i fell at slow speed but the binding didnt release. Sledged off the mountain with a smashed up Tibia and Fibula. All my internet seaches has only come up with premature release rather that a failure to release.

    Just wondering in this is a "feature" of dynafit style bindings or if it was just bad luck ?



  • Latest weather and snow report   52 weeks 17 hours ago


  • CNN plugs Mountain Tracks on the roads less travelled   1 year 7 weeks ago

    This kind of post is very rare.. its so hard to seek a post like this. very informative and the contents are very Obvious and Concise .I will look more of your post

  • Matterhorn Climber   1 year 48 weeks ago

    To read the experiences of a novice climbing Matterhorn, visit

  • Zinal: A Swiss Off-Piste Gem   2 years 4 weeks ago

    I am looking forward to being the Boot boy!!

  • Freeride Skis - Winter 2012/13   2 years 5 weeks ago

    Can't wait to test some of these! Let's hope we get some early powder... mid-November would be great!!!

  • Stubai Alps Ski Tour, Austria   2 years 9 weeks ago

    I endorse Colin's sentiments! Thanks for your organising and Klemen's guidance; he was good company and we felt safe with him. The week was a success, despite the weather. DC

  • Tour de Soleil Ski Tour, Switzerland   2 years 20 weeks ago

    Well, the tour was terrific. Aside from the weather and conditions, with which we were very lucky, the route plan was exceptional and the company should be congratulated for finding something relatively quiet but both challenging and beautiful. The more I hear of the Haute Route the less appealing in becomes to me, but routes like the Tour de Soleil through beautiful mountains with un-crowded huts and untracked slopes is something I will be looking for next year. I would be especially interested in skiing in Eastern Europe in less fashionable areas, if the hut network is ok and there are guardians so I can avoid carrying too much stuff. This tour pushed my fitness to the limit but not beyond, which is just right.

    I was very impressed with Tomaz, a fine guide who inspired confidence. He worked hard to keep the whole group happy even when our wishes diverged (e.g. to go the top or not), judged the pace very well and knew how to lead with a light touch. There was a little confusion over whether Pico Rotondo was to be included or not as a climb, which resulted in one very long day approaching both this and the Witenwasserenstock, but it worked out fine and added to the sense of achievement in the end.

  • Tour de Soleil Ski Tour, Switzerland   2 years 20 weeks ago

    Wow! Tour du Soleil was awesome. Things could not have been better - the weather, the skiing, comfortable huts, great food, and no crowds. We were in good hands with Tomaz - a most capable and personable guide. Thank you so much for helping to make my first European ski tour an epic experience. I hope to travel with Mountain Tracks in the future.

  • Courchevel-Chamonix Ski Touring Safari   2 years 22 weeks ago

    Just a note to say very many thanks for organising a super trip for David, Jim and myself. We had a fantastic time, very well cared for by Stuart.
    Hope to be back next year. Best wishes. J.I.

  • Ski Touring Bindings: The facts!   2 years 23 weeks ago

    Hi Tom thanks for the question. Sorry about the delay but have been ski touring in the Valpelline, a very wild area but with no internet or mobile access! Yes this could be an issue on the lighter bindings, I would go for the TLT Radical FT Z12 (DIN 12) as you don't want a DIN 10 cranked up! If your this size the extra few grams wont be too much of a problem. Also make sure you get the base plate to fit the ski so there are no issues with levering the binding off. Dynafit make a range of these bindings to fit different width skis.

    Hope this helps Olly

  • Klosters-Andermatt Ski Touring Safari   2 years 23 weeks ago

    Hi Susie n Chris, Had a great trip Klosters Andermatt. All conditions from white-out to powder to frozen sastrugi to porridge. I enjoyed being with Guido as he is very interested in equipment and he gave us valuable instruction as well as able to understand English humor. It was less strenuous than I thought and as a mntr/skier I was well able to keep up with the skier/skiers:-). M.P.

  • Off-Piste Performance Intro, Chamonix   2 years 23 weeks ago

    Hi Susie, It was a fab trip, I enjoyed every minute of it. Will and Matt were both great in their own special way!
    It was lovely to meet you on the Friday and I hope to come on another trip in the future. SB

  • Silvretta Alps Traverse Ski Tour   2 years 23 weeks ago

    Update from Klemen - our guide on our March 2012 trip: ...and so a week of ski touring in the Silvretta Alps is gone in a jiffy! We have seen four beautiful days and two days of bad weather - but not so bad, that we couldn't tour and in fact bad weather often means new snow and so it was in this case...30-40 cm of fresh powder snow. Comfortable huts, good company and food, fresh powder - this is all you need to escape from the everyday environment (work). Definitely my top  week of ski touring this winter.

  • Silvretta Alps Traverse Ski Tour   2 years 23 weeks ago

    Thanks for this..... Just to say it was the MOST fantastic trip. Klemen was completely great.. Really good fun and always totally sympathetic to all our varying levels of helplessness when we were climbing mountains in white outs. Couldn't have been better. Will definitely do another one next year. S.H

  • Silvretta Alps Traverse Ski Tour   2 years 23 weeks ago

    Our feedback is simple; we had a great trip and absolutely everything was excellent. Klemen was a great guide, the huts were the best we've ever experienced, as was the the powder skiing. Even the weather was for the most part superb. We would have no hesitation in booking with you again (if you'd have us ), or to recommend you to our friends. M&S

  • Ski Touring Bindings: The facts!   2 years 23 weeks ago

    Olly, thanks for the post. Very timely.

    Concerning the dynafit tech bindings specifically - how do you rate these for very large skiers? Im 6' 6'' and probably 125kg with gear. Im tempted by the tech's, but wouldnt want to commit if my size was going to be an issue

  • Off-Piste Performance Plus, Sainte Foy   2 years 24 weeks ago

    The week was really good, couldn’t fault it at all. Annie is an excellent instructor and guide and she provided a good balance of tuition and just skiing varied terrain – she made it really enjoyable. The Auberge was also great. Andy and Sue are very friendly and helpful as are the staff, and the food was superb. Would have been nice to have had 9 inches of fresh powder during the week but…

    Overall excellent and would happily do same again.

  • Catskiing in Macedonia   2 years 25 weeks ago

    This is a great movie put together by Tracey Burton on our recent trip to Macedonia. Enjoy!

  • First Descent of Pointe de la Lune on Punta di Ceresole, Italy, by Remy Lecluse and Glen Plake   2 years 39 weeks ago

    That is a very beautiful line! nice work guys.

  • First Descent of Pointe de la Lune on Punta di Ceresole, Italy, by Remy Lecluse and Glen Plake   2 years 39 weeks ago

    Brilliant post! As I sit here listening to Good Times Roll by Deadringer I am reminded of Glen's appearances in my beloved Warren Miller box set. And now look at what he is up to. Boy that guy has had a career and a half and long may it continue.

  • Edinburgh Ski Touring Club Meet... Sainte Foy   2 years 39 weeks ago

    The best bet is to sign up for our ski trip notifications or our newsletter. That way you'll get to hear about any new locations etc.

  • Avalanche Airbags: Taking Risks?   2 years 42 weeks ago

    Hi Guys, a very timely article going into another winter. Having done your excellent advanced course a few years ago, I have since declined to buy an airbag. I feel happy assessing the risks myself, and have been worried about the chances of feeling 'invincible' with an airbag on. No obvious way to overcome that other than not to get one. Tho of course, better safe than sorry?! Such a dillema, probably not resolved until 'everyone' has one and I inevitably follow suit!

  • A Closer Look at Skiing the Haute Route   2 years 42 weeks ago

    I live in Kenya and Am grateful to meet you guys here,am so much willing to learn more and share with you over the experience.
    Do you have and office back her in Kenya.
    Thank you in advance .



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