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What's in my ski tour rucksack

Ski Touring Rucksack

The clothing and equipment you carry for winter backcountry skiing and ski touring is always a thorny subject with a vast array of kit on offer to baffle and confuse! The golden rule is ‘light is right’. There is no substitute for good quality, lightweight kit. Second rule is ‘be prepared for changing conditions’ – weather moves fast in the mountains and during the ski touring season temperatures tend to be well below freezing in the mornings and elevating to double figures in the mid-day sun. Carry layers that allow you to adapt to whatever nature throws your way.

Our Guides' Gear Choice for Winter 2012-13

Mountain Tracks Gear Guide Winter 2012-13
In addition to support from Berghaus, our Mountain Tracks guides are proud to be supported by Grivel, Ski Trab and Scarpa. These are all dependable brands - here we'll outline which of their models we're using this winter. We use the gear on a daily basis and their mileage is high: gear choice is therefore an important decision. 
At Mountain Tracks we are frequently asked which skis we recommend. There are now hundreds of models to choose from, and selecting a pair isn’t an easy task.
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