Val d'Anniviers: big backcountry descents

Ski Zinal Mountain Tracks

Fall Line's own backcountry guru Eric Kendall (of SkiZinal, and owner of the beautiful Chalet Edelweiss we base ourselves at in the resort) has written a fab article on the wonderful off-piste runs in the Val d'Anniviers, check it out... http://www.fall-line.co.uk/backcountry/val-danniviers-big-backcountry-descents

BMG launches new guide video


The BMG (British Mountain Guides) has launched a great new video extolling the many benefits of hiring a qualified IFMGA Mountain Guide to ensure you get the best from your experiences in the mountains. Check out the BMG's video on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/52962191


The 5 Red Flags of Avalanche Danger

The 5 Red Flags of Avalanche Danger

Mother nature provides us with 5 warning signs of high avalanche risk. All backcountry skiers should be on the look out for the presence of one or more of these signs. The more flags that are present, the higher the risk of an avalanche. The presence of these dangers doesn’t necessarily mean that off piste skiing is cancelled for the day, but it will mean that your ski routes will need to be planned accordingly, with the risk firmly in mind.

Avalanche Airbags: Taking Risks?

Avalanche safety equipment - ABS Air bags

For the latest January 2013 Mountain Tracks review of Winter 2013 Air Bag systems click here!!!

Avalanche Transceiver Review

avalanche debris

For the latest on Winter 2013 avalanche transceivers see the Mountain Tracks new blog published January 2013!

Ski Touring Kit Check Part Two: The Soft Bits!

Ski Touring BCA Tracker

In my first installment I got very excited about skis and bindings. In this article its time to talk Goretex and grams. So you’ve got the planks, boots, skins and poles what next?

It’s essential when touring to carry - and know how to use - the essential avalanche safety kit. This includes a shovel, probe and transceiver - and yes, you need to have all three. When buying a shovel go for a metal bladed type, they're far better for digging in hard avalanche debris compared to bendy plastic versions.

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