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Avalanche Airbag Review 2013

Avalanche Airbag Review 2013

February 1st 2014 - Update on BCA Airbags!!!  Just a quick note to say that Concept Pro Shop in Chamonix (just behind the Aiguille du Midi cablecar station in Chamonix sud) are now servicing BCA equipment. This includes the refilling of canisters when airbags are deployed.

Happy Christmas from Mountain Tracks!

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all from Mountain Tracks! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas break, and look forward to seeing you on the slopes this winter! 

After all the great snow in early and mid-December we've had some warmer days lately here in Chamonix. Temperatures are expected to decrease and snow is likely to fall on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, further improving snow conditions for Christmas skiers and snowboarders!

Lectures on avalanche safety: tickets still available for Portsmouth, Bristol, Manchester

Lectures on avalanche safety
The North Face Avalanche Awareness Lecture Series, in association with Snow+Rock and the Ski Club of Great Britain, is in full swing - the London events last week were extremely popular and well-received.
You've still chance to attend a lecture delivered by James Morland (Canadian Avalanche Association Level 2 professional with 15+ years experience of avalanche-related work) in Portsmouth, Bristol or Manchester.

Avalanche Airbags: Taking Risks?

Avalanche safety equipment - ABS Air bags

For the latest January 2013 Mountain Tracks review of Winter 2013 Air Bag systems click here!!!

Ski Touring Kit Check Part Two: The Soft Bits!

Ski Touring BCA Tracker

In my first installment I got very excited about skis and bindings. In this article its time to talk Goretex and grams. So you’ve got the planks, boots, skins and poles what next?

It’s essential when touring to carry - and know how to use - the essential avalanche safety kit. This includes a shovel, probe and transceiver - and yes, you need to have all three. When buying a shovel go for a metal bladed type, they're far better for digging in hard avalanche debris compared to bendy plastic versions.

Ski Touring Kit Check: Part One - The Hard Bits!

Ski Touring Kit

Ski touring is one of the most rewarding ways of travelling in the mountains in winter. Steady uphills to find solitude are rewarded with perfect powder turns to the next mountain hut! Oh...if only it was that simple!

Here is part one of my "top kit tips" to try and make life easier when ski touring.

On multi-day tours weight plays a critical role in both uphill and downhill enjoyment. The less your kit weighs the easier it will be to push uphill and the less weight you have to overbalance you downhill.

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