Avalanche Airbag Review 2013

Avalanche Airbag Review 2013

February 1st 2014 - Update on BCA Airbags!!!  Just a quick note to say that Concept Pro Shop in Chamonix (just behind the Aiguille du Midi cablecar station in Chamonix sud) are now servicing BCA equipment. This includes the refilling of canisters when airbags are deployed.

Putting the adventure back into Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc at 4810m is the highest peak in the European Alps and one of the most popular mountains in the world for alpine climbers. At near Himalayan proportions, this is NOT a mountain to be underestimated. Avalanches, fierce storms, crevasses, rock and ice falls have all claimed many lives. Everyone attempting the peak MUST have prior alpine climbing experience. It is essential to understand, recognise and have the necessary alpine skills to safely navigate these hazards. 

No gold medals for climbing Mont Blanc

As the Olympics clearly demonstrate human beings have a fascination with records; fastest, longest, highest score etc… the list goes on and so we shouldn’t be surprised that its the world’s highest peaks that attract all the attention. There are 82 peaks over 4000 metres in the Alps, but ask a layman to name any and, if he can, invariably it will be the highest: Mont Blanc. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, closely followed by the iconic Matterhorn.

Late Availability on Summer 2012 Trips - Book NOW!!!

Mountain Tracks Late Summer Availability 2012

Still places available on trips this summer - We love the Alps in summer and have trips to suit all tastes! If you're looking to book a holiday in August or September, how about joining one of our glacier trekking trips in the Bernese Oberland or along the Italian High Level Route? 

Climbing the Matterhorn...

Matterhorn insiders guide to everyone’s favourite peak. There is possibly no better known mountain in the world than the Matterhorn. Ask any child to draw a picture of a peak and the resulting shape will no doubt bear a passing resemblance to this renowned emblem of the Swiss Alps. For mountain guides, working on the Matterhorn it is like no other mountain, in fact I usually find the climbing often represents the least stressful part. Matching my client’s expectations with the reality and appreciating the Matterhorn’s uniqueness always makes a Matterhorn outing interesting.

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