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Moving Off The Trails ; Glacier Trekking

A number of years ago I was lucky enough to be involved in the film ‘Touching the Void’ performing stunts and putting in place the safety rigging. During this film I was required to abseil, fall into and climb back out of lots of crevasses. Crevasses are spectacular ravines of ice formed in glaciers when the ice is under tension or compression. For those not initiated, venturing onto glaciers for the first time is a daunting prospect.

How to Prepare for your First Multi Day Ski Tour

How to Prepare for your First Multi Day Ski Tour

PART 2: Fitness preparation

 As your skiing tastes become more refined you will be looking for the very best descents in the best snow. The longest and most beautiful descents are usually accessed on skins and, after many years of ski guiding, I can say for certain that the most memorable days involved a touring approach coupled with long remote descents in great snow. 

February 2014 Newsletter

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Tips for Your First Multi-Day Ski Tour

PART 1: Getting the kit right

  Split into 3 parts, these articles will help you prepare for your first multi-day ski tour and serve as a recap if you are returning for your second or third tour.

Avalanche Search and Rescue Apps

Avalanche Search and Rescue Apps

Over the past few years smart phones have taken over the mobile telephone market. You can buy apps for pretty much anything now days, from finding the nearest restaurant to controlling your central heating! So why not use a mobile phone as an avalanche rescue beacon? Well, now you can search for your buddy on a smart phone…whilst playing 'Angry Birds' (!)

Kit Review: Smith Vantage Helmet

Smith Vantage Helmet

Helmet design is moving forward and a recent article by Outside highlights the tech advancements being made on this front by manufacturers like POC, Giro and Smith. Smith are very much at the forefront with the use of a new material, Koroyd.

Powder Hunting in Grimentz-Zinal

Mountain Tracks in Zinal

For powder hunters the Grimentz-Zinal area is up there with the best: this Swiss gem of a ski area delivers again and again in terms of quality snow and terrain. This past week I skied with a group of keen Russian skiers, who were mightily impressed. The new lift linking the two areas is now running; whilst this doesn't open any new off-piste it does give a beautiful view of untracked areas to scope out and a quick way back up!!!

Avalanche Airbag Review 2013

Avalanche Airbag Review 2013

February 1st 2014 - Update on BCA Airbags!!!  Just a quick note to say that Concept Pro Shop in Chamonix (just behind the Aiguille du Midi cablecar station in Chamonix sud) are now servicing BCA equipment. This includes the refilling of canisters when airbags are deployed.

A closer look at the BCA Tracker

BCA Tracker

At Mountain Tracks we are working in the snow full-time: this means our kit has to be tough and reliable. We have always been great fans of the BCA Tracker and use the unit exclusively in our hire stock and have great confidence in its simplicity of use and durability. The Tracker has a rapid processor and simple user interface. A real-time digital display shows both direction and distance with bright red LEDs. The distance is shown in metres and indicator lights display the direction of transmitting beacons.

Ski Sensationalism: When Journalists Cut Corners

Mountain Tracks

I have just spent the last few days back in the UK visiting family and friends. My dad enjoys cutting out articles in the paper and saving them for me; often they are linked to accidents in the Alps. Two articles discussed the tragic accident involving Michael Schumacher, while one was headlined “British 'snow gobblers' who ignore dangers of a winter wonderland”.

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