Worldwide Trekking

Culture, environment and climate. Experience the difference on a worldwide trek...

Worldwide Trekking

Worldwide Trekking

Culture, environment and climate. Experience the difference on a worldwide trek...

Worldwide treks offer an opportunity to travel to different continents and experience different cultures as well as experience some of the world's most stunning scenery, both on and off the mountain. These holidays, due to their remote locations and the extraordinary landscape, are truly holidays of a lifetime. If you are looking for an activity holiday to remember for years to come and tell the grandkids about these holidays fit the bill!

Travelling to and from the peak will be as much part of the experience as the climb itself with the vastly different cultures adding colour and depth to a superb mountain adventure.

No previous high altitude mountain experience is necessary and each trip will also equip you with the skills needed for a successful summit attempt.

Kilimanjaro Trek Climb Machame Mweka Lemosho and Rongai Route
Kilimanjaro - To the Roof of Africa (Introductory)

The quest to climb the highest mountain in Africa. Amongst some of the surprises on the way will be seeing glaciers which, while receeding quickly, are still present in the world's hottest continent. Kilimanjaro is unique: a place of dramatic extremes where African safari meets high altitude trekking. The change of pace and the unique... view

Skill Level Overview


I have little or no alpine experience but I enjoy hill walking and trekking. I am competent trekking on rough, rocky footpaths. I would like to use crampons, understand basic rope work and glacial travel. Any snow patches encountered are crossed without too much fuss. Carrying a 30 litre rucksack with my daily equipment is no problem.

Stamina Level Overview

Level 1

I have good hill walking fitness and endurance and can hike for around 5-7hrs on undulating terrain at a steady pace. This would include ascents and descents of between 500 - 800m vertical. I am also happy carrying a rucksack with all my kit in it for a day. This stamina level can be achieved by regular hill walking in the UK and doing 2-3 sessions of exercise per week (long hike, cycle ride, swimming or playing sports). Working on your endurance is important as days in the Alps tend to be around 6-8hrs in length.

Level 2

I have good aerobic fitness and leg strength. I can trek up steep, rocky paths and ascend up to 800m - 1000m in a day. I enjoy being on the hill for up to 6-8 hours a day, and can cope with moderate altitudes above 3000m. To prepare for this trip the best activities are those that increase your heart rate and build your aerobic levels e.g. running, cycling and swimming. For via ferrata trips a moderate amount of upper body strength would be helpful, gained ideally through scrambling or lifting light weights.

Level 3

I have excellent cardiovascular fitness and plenty of endurance to cope with several demanding days in a row. I can climb 5-6 hours most days, and on summit days up to 10-12 hours. I have enough upper body strength to pull myself up short sections of fixed rope or ladders. Endurance fitness is gained through longer training periods of walking, running, cycling and swimming. These climbs can be strenuous with the need for upper body strength gained through, gym sessions, scrambling or in/outdoor rock climbing.

Level 4

I have a supreme level of fitness and stamina. I can move confidently on technical terrain for 10-15 hours at altitude. I have a strong upper body to tackle fixed ropes, vertical rock and ice. A prolonged period of cross training would help build endurance with 5-6 training sessions per week including walking, running, swimming and cycling. Upper body strength is essential for pitched ice and rock climbing and this can be gained from weight training or indoor climbing walls.


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