Ski Touring Skills

Meet like-minded aspirant ski tourers and learn touring skills on route...

Ski Touring Skills

Ski Touring Skills

Meet like-minded aspirant ski tourers and learn touring skills en route.

On our ski touring skills courses you will have the opportunity to safely learn and practice the essential skills you will need if you are planning on ski touring in an alpine environment. The courses are suitable for those with no prior ski touring experience and who wish to progress to ski touring in glaciated terrain and is ideal training for a tour later in the season. You'll also get the opportunity to meet like-minded people and discuss future ski touring adventures. And what better classroom than the glaciated terrain of the Alps!

The courses cover route planning and navigation, skinning skills, glacier travel, crevasse rescue, transceiver training, recognising avalanche terrain and avoiding avalanches, emergency procedures and using crampons and an ice-axe.

Ski Touring Skills Weekend in Chamonix
Ski Touring Skills Chamonix 3-day (Introductory)

An intensive Chamonix-based skills weekend for aspiring ski tourers. No previous ski touring experience required. This course is ideal for adventurous off-piste skiers who want to learn the basic skills for ski touring as the first step on their ski touring journey! The course includes 3 full days of hands-on instruction with lots of skiing.... view

Ski Touring  Skills in the Alps
Ski Touring Skills Week Zinal (Introductory)

An intensive ski touring skills week for anyone wanting to learn the essential ski touring skills for travelling safely and confidently in the backcountry. Zinal, with it's snow sure skiing and impressive off-piste and backcountry ski terrain, is the ideal venue for this course.

Introduction to Ski Touring in Sainte Foy, France
Ski Touring Skills Week Ste Foy (Introductory)

This week is for skiers who have either never toured or simply need a technique tune-up. It’s a week of professional instruction and guiding where you'll learn and practice all the skills needed for safe and enjoyable ski touring and ski mountaineering. The touring possibilities in the Tarentaise (French Alps) are huge and we’ll make the most... view

Zinal 3-day Ski Touring Skills
Ski Touring Skills Zinal 3-day (Introductory)

This 3-day ski touring skills course in Zinal is the ideal opportunity for off-piste skiers to learn all the essential skills required for introductory ski touring trips. The course combines sessions in using skins, kick turns, avalanche awareness, glacier travel, navigation and route finding skills with short ski tours and lots of great off-... view

Skill Level Overview


These trips and tours are appropriate for people looking for their first touring experience. The pace is relaxed and typically we skin for 2-4hrs per day so ascents are about 500 - 800m vertical. You need to be a reasonable off-piste skier (at our Off-Piste Performance Intermediate level), able to link controlled parallel turns in powder snow and ski through trees in control. You need to be prepared to hike short sections on foot carrying your skis on your rucksack (though you won’t need any specific mountaineering knowledge, so crampons and an ice axe are usually not required).


These tours will involve around 3-5hrs of skinning per day, achieving around 800 – 1000m of vertical ascent. We would expect you to be able skin to a pace of 300m of vertical ascent per hour. You need to be able to execute good uphill kick turns on steeper slopes and have some familiarity with use of crampons and ice axe. You need to be a reasonably strong off-piste skier able to deal with a variety of snow conditions (powder, crust, slush) and able to ski on steeper and narrower slopes with the requisite ability and confidence for exposed sections.


Advanced-level tours are for experienced ski tourers who’ve previously completed another hut-to-hut trip or multiple day tours. You will be expected to ascend on skis at around 400m/hr and be able to skin for at least 5hrs with up to 1000m to 1300m of ascent per day. A large proportion of the terrain may be steep and exposed; thus confidence in your uphill kick turns on 35+ degree slopes is a must, as is your ability to ski slopes of 40 degrees. You will be a strong, fluid off-piste skier able to handle all conditions. You will be confident of using crampons and an ice axe and happy climbing on snow and rock on short climbs to summits, and in gullies to gain a col.

Stamina Level Overview

Level 2

You are fit enough to ski all day with only short stops for food and drink. You can ski off-piste all day without being too tired at the end of the day; you can ski in this way for multiple days on your holiday. You can also hike or ski tour for around 2 hours per day. You’re used to doing cardiovascular exercise 3 to 4 times a week (bike, run, gym) to maintain your fitness, and you’re able to push yourself if needed for short periods of time at a higher rate than usual.

Level 3

You can ski all day comfortably off-piste and ski tour at an ascent rate of 300m per hour for 3 to 5 hours per day (a total of around 800m – 1000m vertical ascent per day). Your stamina and endurance fitness is good and you work hard to maintain a good level of fitness. You will be exercising 3-4 times a week and also at the weekend; thus running a half marathon, doing a 50 mile cycle ride, 3-4 hours on a mountain bike or a full day’s hill walk would all prove possible with this stamina level.


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