Learn to ski off-piste with some of the best ski instructors in the Alps...

Learn to ski off-piste with some of the best ski instructors in the Alps...

Off-Piste Performance

Off Piste Performance Instruction

Learn to ski off-piste with some of the best ski instructors in the Alps...

Off-Piste Performance

Off-Piste Performance

Learn to ski off-piste with the best ski instructors in the Alps.

Our Off-Piste Performance ski courses are scheduled ski holidays with intensive off-piste instruction from our fantastic team of ski instructors. The content and format of the courses have been designed by our team to give you the best opportunity to improve your skiing ability and confidence whilst having a superb holiday. We offer Off-Piste Performance ski courses at 2 levels: Performance Introductory and Performance Plus.

Introductory Performance Off-Piste skiing courses are suitable for confident piste skiers who want to get to grips with off-piste skiing for the first time, or if you need more time to polish up existing skills. During the course you will receive lots of individual instruction - group sizes are never more than 6 per instructor - and learn the skills to ski ungroomed terrain fluidly and with confidence.

Performance Plus Off-Piste skiing courses are for those who have had some instruction already or have skied for more than 2 weeks off-piste and want to expand and push their technique further. At the end of the course you will feel more confident on steeper slopes and have the skills to cope with most off-piste terrain and snow conditions. The course also covers the skills you will need to take onto the mountain with you to stay safe, avoid avalanches and negotiate winter mountain terrain.

5 Reasons to choose an Off-Piste Performance Ski Course with Mountain Tracks

  • 1. Quality tuition. We only use highly qualified, experienced ski instructors and mountain guides. Our team spend most of their time off-piste and know where to find the best snow. You can be assured that the focus is giving you, the client, the best time possible and finding terrain to allow that to happen.
  • 2. Great ski area selection. You may not have heard of all the ski areas that we go to but, rest assured, we are going there because we think they are great. Sainte Foy is a prime example: we've been skiing there since it opened over 20 years ago and are still discovering great places to ski there and in the surrounding area. Zinal, Serre Chevalier and Gressoney may be less well known, but have fantastic skiing both on and off-piste too.
  • 3. Variety of slopes and conditions. We can help you get over the hang-ups many skiers have with off-piste technique. Some believe think that off-piste is all about waist deep powder snow and diving down mega steep gullies. To misquote Forest Gump: "Off-piste skiing is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!" We'll also work on your on-piste technique to ensure you have a thorough understanding of what you are trying to do both on and off-piste. The aim being that when you get to more challenging conditions you are equipped to handle them.
  • 4. Tailored to you. We take the time to find out what YOU want from the week. After all, it's your course and we want you to get the absolute most out of it. We encourage discussion and we want you to feel comfortable about asking for clarification of a particular point. In this way you'll finish the course understanding the instruction you’ve received.
  • 5. Fun. We all want to become better skiers and we focus very hard on helping you to improve. But we also want you to appreciate being in the mountains and have a good time. We take the time to 'go for a run'. Everyone needs time to clear the brain and just have a ski and begin to establish the techniques and ideas discussed. And, at the end of the day, over dinner and a beer or two we share pictures and laughs with the team and the rest of the group.
Early Season Off-Piste Skills Clinic in Zinal
Pre-Xmas Off-Piste Skills Clinic, Zinal (Introductory)

The Swiss resort of Zinal is a great destination for perfecting your off-piste skiing skills for the winter ahead, and Chalet Edelweiss is definitely the place to stay! Enjoy wonderful chalet hospitality courtesy of Eric and Penny. You might perhaps find cheaper early season ski weeks, but if you're looking for the combination of amazing... view

Off-Piste Performance Skiing Chamonix France
Off-Piste Performance Intro, Chamonix (Introductory)

A great introduction to off-piste skiing in Chamonix, THE mecca for any serious off-piste skier. The resort is renowned for its snow-sure, high altitude off-piste skiing combined with stunning mountain scenery. The off-piste terrain is extensive and ideal for adventurous skiers looking to improve their off-piste skiing skills whilst taking in... view

Off-Piste Skiing in Sainte Foy
Off-Piste Performance Intro, Sainte Foy (Introductory)

Off-piste skiing should be fun and exhilarating! If your off-piste skiing is currently more about burning muscles and face plants... well, then our instructors will transform your ability to access the extensive mountain terrain away from the pistes! Sainte Foy is nestled in the French Alps close to Val d'Isère and offers superb skiing off the... view

Performance Foundation, Zinal
Off-Piste Performance Intro, Zinal (Introductory)

Zinal is situated in the Val d'Annivièrs in Switzerland and is renowned for its variety of snow and the scope of its off-piste terrain. Its reputation for excellent snow cover means you can be sure to put your new found off-piste skills to good use! This Foundation course is ideal for anyone who wants to develop their off-piste skiing skills... view

Gressoney Off-Piste Intro Monte Rosa Italy Mountain Tracks
Off-Piste Performance Intro, Gressoney, Italy (Introductory)

Perfecting your off-piste skiing skills with our ski instructors in the Italian resort of Gressoney is a fantastic way to start getting to grips with skiing off-piste. Gressoney is part of the Monte Rosa ski region in the Italian Alps and is an emerging resort with a reputation for superb off-piste skiing. Huge, deserted off-piste snowfields... view

Off Piste Skiing Méribel
Off-Piste Performance Intro Méribel (Introductory)

New for 2015!
Méribel is one of the principal resorts in the French ‘Trois Vallees’. It’s a hugely popular ski area with a vast network of pisted terrain. What is unknown to many visitors, is that the off-piste terrain here is also very extensive and compared to the pistes is often deserted.

Off-Piste Instruction Zinal
Off-Piste Performance Plus, Zinal (Intermediate)

Off-piste skiing instruction at it's best in one of our favourite ski areas. The area offers extensive opportunities to work on more advanced off piste skiing techniques and strategies for skiing different snow conditions. At the end of this course you will have the skills and confidence to ski a wide variety of off piste terrain including... view

Off-Piste Instruction, Chamonix
Off-Piste Performance Plus, Chamonix (Intermediate)

The off-piste skiing in Chamonix is world-renowned, so where better to push your off-piste skills to the next level! Chamonix has so many varied off-piste experiences to work on that you are certain to be an accomplished off-piste skier after 5 days of intensive high quality instruction. Chamonix is situated at the foot of Mont Blanc, so not... view

Off-Piste Instruction Sainte Foy
Off-Piste Performance Plus, Sainte Foy (Intermediate)

This off-piste ski course takes place in Sainte Foy in the French Alps, which offers superb skiing 'off the beaten track' and an unspoilt and authentic feel. The vast range of off-piste descents available mean that you can make the most of the 5 days of intensive instruction, building on your existing off-piste skills to the next level of... view

Gressoney Off-Piste Plus Skiing Italy
Off-Piste Performance Plus, Gressoney, Italy (Intermediate)

The Italian resort of Gressoney is part of the Monterosa ski region in Italy. It has a reputation for having some of Europe's best backcountry and off-piste skiing. New investment in the lift system has further improved this amazing ski area. The slopes are usually very quiet and the resorts of Gressoney, Alagna and Champoluc have maintained... view

Off-Piste Skiing Méribel
Off-Piste Performance Plus Méribel (Intermediate)

New for 2015!
Discover the hidden gems of the Trois Vallées/Three Valleys with small groups, quality, catered chalet accommodation and expert local instructors with many years of teaching and guiding experience in the Three Valleys.


Skill Level Overview


Our Introductory level is suitable for people who can ski red and black pistes in resorts without problems and you can deal with moguls and some ice. You will be new to off-piste skiing or maybe have dabbled a little on the sides of the piste or even attended a previous off-piste specific course. You would like to ski powder snow with confidence and learn to link turns off-piste in a variety of terrain as well as being able to control your speed and adjust your turn radius.


For our Intermediate graded courses and trips you will have at least a couple of weeks off-piste skiing experience and /or received some previous instructions on an off-piste specific course. You can link 10-12 turns together in reasonable control, speed and style, following the fall line in most conditions. If you’re looking to improve your technique in deeper snow and steeper slopes then our Off-Piste Performance Intermediate level trips are for you. If you want to get some miles under your skis then look at our Off-Piste Adventure Intermediate trips. You aspire to ski fluidly off-piste and you must be happy to hike or ski tour short distances to get to better snow and terrain.

Stamina Level Overview

Level 1

You are fit enough to ski all day on a ski holiday with stops for food and drink. Your able to ski off-piste for most of the day, but nonetheless feel tired towards the end. You would like to be able to ski every day on your trip without having to take a rest day. You regularly exercise 2-3 times a week i.e. you run, hike, cycle, swim or play sports and you’re used to getting your heart rate up and can sustain this for a period of time e.g. 45 min jog, 2-3hr mountain bike ride, 45 min gym session.

Level 2

You are fit enough to ski all day with only short stops for food and drink. You can ski off-piste all day without being too tired at the end of the day; you can ski in this way for multiple days on your holiday. You can also hike or ski tour for around 2 hours per day. You’re used to doing cardiovascular exercise 3 to 4 times a week (bike, run, gym) to maintain your fitness, and you’re able to push yourself if needed for short periods of time at a higher rate than usual.


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